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Table of Contents

           Quick start on fly-DPI

           1. General search

           2. Protein network map

           3. Ping-pong search

      Data source and Statistic model implemented     

Video Tutotial is now available.English(800*640), English(1068*900), Chinese(800*640), Chinese(1068*900)

Quick Start on fly-DPI Tutorial   

Entrance page: Fly-DPI provides multiple select search on the General search and the shortest path between two proteins ping-pong search (Fig. 1).           Top

Figure 1. The entrance page for flyDPI. Red arrows indicate the two ways to search the interactions. One is ˇ§General searchˇ¨ filtered by biological and statistical screens. Other is ˇ§Ping-pong searchˇ¨ to find the shortest path between two proteins in whole network under specific threshold by statistical model.

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